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Authenticity Can't Be Bought.

We’ve spent nearly three decades earning it.

Organic and sustainable, our soils and fertilizers set the benchmark for purity and quality across Canada.
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Our Inspiration

A Better Earth.

We all have a role to play in the quality of our fragile soil system. As advocates for regenerative agriculture, we believe there’s a better way to grow and that Nature has the answers.

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Our Inspiration

Healthy Soils.

Trusted by professional and home growers across Canada, our soils and amendments are tested for macro and micronutrients, pH, heavy metals and pathogens. All Destiny products are certified organic with Ecocert Canada.

Our Inspiration

Healthy Crops.

Our philosophy is to assist Nature by providing a complete range of nutrients to the soil ecosystem and deliver a perfectly balanced diet to your plants — all without the use of pesticides or other harmful toxins.

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Living Soils



Made from quality, sustainably-sourced components, our line of organic soils and fertilizers provide improved vitality and higher yields for your plants without the use of chemicals.

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The Kootenays, BC

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